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*/ present

*/ 2nd february 2017 - iraq lost territories individual exhibition opening at the gare de marlon gallery, paris, france

*/ 23th-24th february 2017 - 9am - 5pm - "caméras politiques: colloque sur les cinémas d'insurrection", filming resistances, armed conflit and filming remains, memories of war, with ehess & fondation maison des sciences de l'homme, >program<

*/ 28th april - 1st may 2017 - some/things gallery @ what'supphotodoc photo fair, paris, france

*/ 5th may - 5th july 2017 - individual exhibition at the aliança francesa do rio de janeiro, bota fogo, rio de janeiro, brasil

*/ 2016-2017 - post production of ya'ani, long documentary feature : iraqi kurdistan, iraq & usa, 2011-2016

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Babylon ancient archeological site, former Saddam Hussein's palace, Iraq, Hilla, April 2016